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Product Details
ADSS 96 core B1-AT-80MM
ADSS 96 core B1-AT-80MM
ADSS 96 core B1-AT-80MM
ADSS 96 core B1-AT-80MM
ADSS 96 core B1-AT-80MM
All-dielectric self-support fiber optic cable (ADSS)

ADSS cable is loose tube stranded structure. The optical fiber is 250μm, the loose tube is made of high modulus plastic, which is filled with waterproof compound. In the center of the cable core is a FRP strangth member, The loose tube (and the filling rope) is twisted around the central reinforcement core to form a compact and round cable core, and the gap in the cable core is filled with a water blocking filler. The outer of the cable is a polyethylene (PE) inner sheath,then twisted high tensile strength aramid, the outermost is the electric tracking (AT) outer sheath.

Product characteristics

? All-dielectrical self-supporting aerial fiber optic cable, no metal material in the structure, can be set up without interruption.
? Large number of fiber cores, light weight, can be laying with the power line, saving resources.
? Adopt high tensile strength aramid material to withstand strong tension and prevent cockles and gunshots.
? Small thermal expansion, the variation of the arc of the cable line is small when the temperature changes greatly.
? Double jacket, PE/AT 〇ute sheath
? Large span, the maximum span exceeds 1000 meters
? Life expectancy greater than 30 years
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